Maria Robson | MAHINA BEAUTE

Maria Robson


Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii 

Ethnicity: Vietnamese, German, Irish, English

How I got into health and beauty: I suffered from asthma and cystic acne for years while modeling in Tokyo. This was before photos were retouched. Nothing helped until I completely cleaned up my diet and started to use more gentle skincare products. That was when I saw a huge difference. I couldn't believe how something natural could have a major impact on my skin, physical health and most importantly mental health. Since then, I got deeper and deeper into nutrition, wellness and of course skin care!! I am a major beauty junkie and also a beauty snob. 

My main goal is to change the current concept of beauty: Sadly, in today’s society, beauty comes with an expiration date. There seems to be a misconception that beauty is only allowed to a certain age group, look, or trend.  I want for everyone to understand that feeling beautiful is everlasting and starts from within. If we don’t address the concept of self-love, we will not feel beautiful. Self-love is attained by healing the mind, body, and spirit.  I want to shift the concept of beauty back to the basics and create a platform that addresses spirituality, exercise, good nutrition, skincare, cosmetics, and emotions. Mahina Beaute is more than a skincare line, it is a way for men, women, and teens to rediscover that they are already innately beautiful.