Are you tested on animals?

We will never test on animals. In fact, we have supported the bill to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals in the state of California - which has passed and will go into effect in 2019. We are both animal rights activists and against the cruel treatment of animals in all capacity, from laboratory testings, factory farming and within the fashion industry.

Are you vegan?

ABSOLUTELY! That was actually how we got into the skincare industry. We saw the unnecessary usage of animal-derived products in skincare and cosmetics. We felt that we could create products that deliver while also maintaining our belief in being a cruelty-free company. We are approved by PETA and Leaping Bunny for being vegan + Cruelty-Free.

I have sensitive skin, can I still use your products?

Yes, you can. Our products are gentle. Free from any harsh chemicals, colors, or synthetic fragrances. We created our line with the intention that all skin types would be able to enjoy and benefit from it.

Are your products made in the U.S?

Yes, they are! They are made with love in our studio in Los Angeles, California. 

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Sometimes we may be out of stock on certain items. But we will make sure to send it out asap. It will be about 3-4 days from the time it is ordered. 

Where do you source your materials from?

We source all of our ingredients from vendors based in the U.S.  We intensively do our research to make sure our ethics align with those we source from. We also try our best to source from organically approved vendors.