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Our Philosophy | MAHINA BEAUTE

At Mahina Beaute, we believe that everyone is beautiful just as they are. We also believe that self-love is the first step in feeling comfortable in your own skin. Our products are created to provide our customers with a complete mind/body/soul healing experience allowing them to enjoy a far more radiant skin. Our proprietary formula helps ground the spirit, bringing about a calm state of mind and a pure sense of joy. 

We are dedicated to creating products that align with our philosophy. Our crystal infused skincare line works in unison with the intrinsic flow of nature. No synthetic ingredients are used. Everything is living, thriving and handmade in small batches. Our production process takes place during the new moon in order to harness its expansive energy. The addition of crystal infusion, essential oils, ormus, and navapashanam intensify the physical and emotional healing benefits. 

The second you apply Mahina Beaute's products, the stresses of the world melt away and your skin is allowed to function as beautifully as nature intended. Mahina Beaute products are a truly luxurious and effective gift for your spirit and your skin.