In Sync
with Nature

100% Ethically Sourced and Cruelty-Free
100% Ethically Sourced
Plant-Based Skincare

Working in unison with the intrinsic flow of nature, all of Mahina Beaute skincare products are cruelty-free, and 100% vegan. We formulate all of our batches by hand with Ormus to intensify the healing benefits of the skin.

Our Story

We're strong advocates for the vegan lifestyle and were frustrated because we couldn't find an all-natural, cruelty-free, Hyaluronic Acid that worked. So, we set out on the journey to do it ourselves.


Suzanna and Maria began their venture into the healthy living niche as vegan bloggers. They started their blog with a focus on food and lifestyle tips. However, their focus slowly grew into blogging about the organic beauty industry. This was a natural progression for them as they have always been beauty and health addicts. It’s been their main love and passion for as long as they can remember. 

Around that time, Suzanna was looking for a vegan alternative to animal sourced Hyaluronic Acid.

Since Hyaluronic Acid tends to come from rooster combs and cow hooves, it went against what she felt was ethical. She finally found a cruelty free alternative, but it simply did not have the pleasant effects that she and Maria were looking for. They wanted to find something that was not only effective, but decadently scented and organic as well. 

That was the impetus for them to literally take the matters into their own hands by blending their own serum. They started researching and experimenting. It led them to realize that this is what they wanted to do full- time. This experience prompted them to become certified formulators and start the process of creating their cruelty-free skincare line.

At Mahina Beaute we believe that everyone is beautiful just as they are. We also believe that self-love is the first step in feeling comfortable in your own skin. Our products are created to provide our customers with a complete mind/body/soul healing experience, allowing them to enjoy far more than radiant skin. Our proprietary formula helps to ground the spirit, bringing about a calm state of mind and a pure sense of joy. 

We are dedicated to creating products that align with our philosophy. No synthetic ingredients are used. Everything is living, thriving and handmade in small batches.

The second you apply Mahina products, the stresses of the world melt away and your skin is allowed to function as beautifully as nature intended. Mahina Beaute products are a truly luxurious and effective gift for your spirit and your skin.


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