Benefits of Using Body Oils

Benefits of Using Body Oils

Keeping your skin moisturized throughout the year is a massive struggle for so many of us.  Although we typically think of winter as being the harshest on our skin because of the cold, dry weather, and indoor heating elements, the summer isn’t always skin-friendly either. Overexposure to the sun can also cause dryness that leaves your skin feeling irritated and dull. 

 The bottom line is; it’s not so easy to always keep your skin hydrated regardless of the season.  If your skin is starting to feel dry, irritated, itchy, cracked, or dull there are a few things you can do.  One of them happens to be one of our absolute favorites...body oils!

 So, why do we love and recommend body oils so much?  There are a few reasons that we think will revolutionize your skincare regimen. 

 Body Oils are Great for Skin Moisturization

Body oils are a fantastic way to implement skin moisturization into your daily beauty routine. While body lotions tend to stay on the upper layer of your skin, body oils are quickly absorbed giving it unparalleled and far more therapeutic moisture at deeper levels.  This type of skin hydration helps to lock in moisture leaving you with softer, silkier, healthier skin for much longer than traditional lotions.


Body Oils Have Soothing Effects

One of our favorite beauty rituals is the ayurvedic self-massage called Abhyanga. Before your daily bath or shower, apply warm body oil onto your skin and massage your body from head to toe. There are many health and beauty benefits, including; decreases the effects of aging, imparts muscle tone, aids in detoxification and circulation, calms the nerves, better sleep, makes hair soft and healthy, etc. After your self-care massage, take a warm bath or shower as usual with a mild soap. Make sure to avoid vigorously scrubing your body.

Body Oils Help Prevent Skin Damage

Body oils also act as a holistic and protective barrier for your skin. They protect it against cold, dry winds during the winters and from exposure to the sun during the summers. Using a body oil before applying sunscreen or a body moisturizer helps to lock-in the effects of these products for a longer period of time, protecting your skin from intense weather conditions, dryness, and dehydration.  Smoothing some body oils on your hands, feet, and nails also keeps these highly exposed and sensitive areas hydrated, supple, and much less prone to damage.  Body oils are a multitasking beauty tool!  


Body Oils Are Natural

Good quality body oils are generally made with a few selected natural ingredients, unlike conventional skin moisturizers and lotions that are made with artificial chemicals. With a body oil, you can lessen your chances of developing allergies or irritations, and be rest assured knowing that you are using a product that is natural and toxic-free. Body oils are simply a safer solution for keeping your skin moisturized and optimally healthy.

Body Oils Are Cost-Effective

As if all of the benefits we’ve mentioned above weren’t enough, body oils are also relatively less expensive than most moisturizing skin care products. Since a little body oil goes a long way, you’ll find that you don’t need to use as much product as often as you would with a regular moisture lotion. This means you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.  Body oils may sometimes seem a bit more expensive at first glance, however, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. Not only are body oils incredibly beneficial for your skin, but they are also an economical solution for keeping your skin as healthy as it can be from summer to winter and every season in between.

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