What Is Ormus?

what is ormus gold

Ormus seems to be the ingredient of the moment. You’ve probably seen it popping up everywhere these days, especially in the health and wellness crowd. But what is it, exactly? 

Here is everything you need to know about Ormus from a physical and spiritual perspective. 

What is Ormus?

Also known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element, monoatomic gold, or m-state, Ormus is a unique substance containing a rich amount of precious minerals, including cobalt, copper, palladium, silver, platinum, gold, and iridium.

These elements were discovered in the 1970s by David Hudson while using old mining techniques to extract gold and silver from the salt-crusted bedrock in Arizona. 

David Hudson refers to these substances as “monoatomic elements in a high-spin state”. This means that they’re extremely superconductive and superfluid, which benefits every living cell by enhancing its circulation. Ormus is a baffling substance that does not occur on the Periodic Table of Elements. You can imagine the confusion surrounding Ormus at the time of rediscovery, especially with its levitation properties. 

Several studies show that ancient Egyptians, Essenes, and alchemists have known about these m-state elements and have used them in transcendental practices to unlock the mind’s full capacity and purify the body and spirit to connect to the higher realms and state of consciousness. 

Where can you find Ormus?

Ormus elements and materials are primarily present in the pristine environment, such as freshwater, seawater, rain, air, rock, and a trace amount of raw organic foods. 

Ormus has already been mentioned in modern alchemical texts but has been around since ancient times.

In the Bible, for instance, it was referred to as manna. In ancient Egypt, it was known as “MFKTZ”, while some referred to it as “food of life” and “orgone energy”. In India, Ormus was known as “MUPPU”, a Siddha medicine that has been around for thousands of years.

Although little is known, and much still needs to be rediscovered about Ormus, those who have tried using it will swear by its numerous benefits for one’s physical well-being, mental welfare, and spiritual state. 

What’s the best way to use Ormus?

Some users prefer to drink the tonic, while others apply it topically through creams and oils infused with the ingredient. This way, they can make the most out of the Ormus benefits.

What are the effects and benefits of using Ormus?

Ormus has been used as an alternative medicine for centuries. Scientists are currently looking into claims that Ormus can help users develop a more resilient immune system and improve the body’s healing speed. 

Those who use Ormus as a supplement have said that they’ve observed an improved mental state, not to mention better brain function, focus, clarity, and heightened awareness. It helps the brain immediately go into theta wave state during meditation. These brain states are associated with enhanced intuition and a sense of serenity.

Ormus also strengthens the cellular body, raising it to a higher frequency. Thus, the body is able to receive more light and love, which then result in traumas and blockages starting to diminish.

Research has also shown that Ormus is suitable for people who find it hard to sleep. It can support pineal gland function, which is in charge of regulating sleep patterns.

Why should you use Ormus on your skin?

Ormus has been referred to as the “Elixir of Life” or the “Fountain of Youth”. Because of its pure unbound atom composition, Ormus can provide many benefits that make it suitable for your skin:

1) Ormus has an anti-aging effect.

Ormus doesn’t only improve your skin. It has positive effects on your hair and nails, too. Beauty enthusiasts who have used Ormus reported that their age spots and wrinkles gradually faded over time.

2) Ormus increases cell communication.

Good cell communication promotes faster repair and regeneration of the skin. When Ormus is combined with other essential oils, minerals, and natural ingredients, it greatly enhances the benefits of these ingredients, creating a coherent product that significantly boosts its efficacy and results. 

Can you use Ormus anywhere on your body?

Yes. You can apply Ormus as oil or lotion anywhere on your body. Ormus is known to help soothe and calm the skin. So, if you’re suffering from acne and other skin conditions, applying Ormus may help.

How do you apply Ormus?

One of the best ways to get the benefits of Ormus is to apply it to damp skin and massage it until the substance has been absorbed.

It’s very safe to use it on your face, especially if you have acne and visible signs of aging like wrinkles or lackluster skin. You can also use it on your hair to give it more life and volume.

Is Ormus safe?

Yes. Ormus is a naturally occurring mineral that can be combined with other ingredients like Tamanu Oil.


Ormus is not only good for your skin; it can also provide plenty of benefits to your mental and physical well-being. After all, looking good isn’t only about having great skin. It’s also about feeling comfortable and content in your skin.

Including Ormus in your skincare routine comes with plenty of benefits. It all boils down to choosing the right source and the best products depending on your needs.

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