Stop And Smell The Roses

You probably know by now that we are obsessed with anything made from roses. Just one sniff and the problems seem to drift away. The magical essence of ROSE OIL is that it has the highest vibrational frequency of all essential oils. It opens ones heart and soul to love and connects you to a higher spiritual level. It's components help to alleviate depression, fear and stress. ⠀
ROSE OIL is scientifically proven to inhibit cortisol (the stress hormone, that causes inflammation) when inhaled.⠀
Using ROSE OIL simply makes you feel more connected to your authentic self. It makes the heart sing with joy and lifts the spirit.⠀
Believe it or not, it lowers blood pressure too.⠀
The compound found in ROSE OIL, called farnesol, helps to kill bacteria and rejuvenate new skin growth. It's a great oil to use in skincare for the treatment and preventative care of acne. It speeds up the healing process of acne scars, post-surgical scars and even beneficial for avoiding stretch marks. ⠀
We actually prefer using essential oils versus perfumes. Most perfumes contain chemicals and may have weird and cruel ingredients like feces from Civet cats, musk from the gland of a male musk deer, vomit from whales. ⠀
Yup, we know... It's really disgusting!⠀

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