Skincare In Your 40's

As we enter our 40s, we begin to notice changes in our appearance. Lack of sleep, chronic stress, and epigenetics, all come into play regarding how our skin looks and feels. This is when we detect skin issues like dryness, fine lines, and lackluster skin. If we are proactive, we can nip it in the bud to keep our skin looking radiant throughout the years. 

 So let's chat about skincare and the fundamentals. 


Beautiful skin starts with clean skin. Make sure to clean your face, neck, and décolletage every night. Our cell turnover slows as we age, so deep cleansing of our pores and a light exfoliation will ensure that we get the most out of our skincare. 

 Mahina Beaute:

"Makeup Cleansing Balm" using this balm together with a hot compress or a face cloth offers a gentle but deep cleansing of the skin while also providing light exfoliation, leaving skin smooth and supple. 

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Serums are an excellent way to address skin issues—vitamin c and niacinamide are great for pigmentations- hyaluronic acid is for deep hydration- it draws water from the environment into the skin. Bakuchiol for skin rejuvenation acts like a natural and gentle alternative to retinol. 

 Mahina Beaute:

"Turn On The Light" Face Serum has vitamin c, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid. 

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"Devavani" Face Oil- we included bakuchiol and other oils such as rosehip oil, tamanu, and nettle oil, among others. 

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This step is about adding products rich in occlusives ingredients like oils, plant butters, and waxes, such as plant-based candelilla, which act as a lipid barrier for water retention. This action allows the skin to rehydrate from within. There are many options, such as face oils, lotions, and creams. It comes down to personal preference and also the weather. When our skin is particularly dehydrated or needs extra TLC, layering a face cream over the face oil makes a big difference. 


Sunscreen is a daily must-have, even on rainy days. UV exposure is responsible for 90% of visible premature aging. Remember your neck and decolletage!

 Beyond Skincare:

 It is essential that you get a complete panel by your doctor, preferably someone who is well-versed in naturopathic and western medicine. Maria has spent years with debilitating fatigue without anyone understanding what was going on or giving her an in-depth game plan. She was a complete mess, which easily could have been managed with just a simple tweak in her lifestyle and supplements. When you are fatigued or suffering from chronic stress, you will not have the energy to eat your best or even take care of yourself. 

 Necessary test to do:

  • Hormones and Thyroids: When we hit our 40s, daily stressors affect our hormonal and thyroid levels. It is usually the time when adrenal fatigue sets in as well. Being proactive and knowing your levels will save you time and keep you feeling your best. 
  • Gene Mutations. Especially COMT + MTHFR. 40% of the population has the MTHFR mutation. This means that 1 out of 3 people has this gene. These two mutations are the cause of numerous health conditions. 

 Beauty from the inside out:

  • Try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. The preservatives and additives, such as folic acid, which is in everything, may be acceptable for some people but poisonous for others, especially if you have the gene mutation MTHFR.
  • Eat nuts every day! These delicious treats contain healthy oils to nourish your skin and fuel your body with clean protein, helping you to avoid reaching for that chocolate bar instead. 
  • Try to eat as many servings of vegetables as possible. Also, have your fruit at the end of the meal. This has recently been reported to keep your glucose from spiking. 
  • Increase your water intake. Being dehydrated contributes to premature aging. 
  • Decrease your alcohol and refine your sugar intake, which is very bad for your skin as it can lead to skin glycation- the sugar attaches to proteins, leading to fluid retention and wrinkles. If you drink, reach for alcohol with low sugar intakes, such as gin, vodka, or wines, such as rose or pinot noir. And no more than one glass a night. 
  • The 40s are an ideal time to add supportive supplements, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, as these naturally decrease over time in the body.
  • Decrease caffeine intake to one cup a day. Mid-day, reach for non-caffeinated teas instead, such as rooibos, which has incredible anti-aging effects—being high in zinc, and AHA. Rooibos tea contains superoxide dismutase, SOD, an enzyme that promotes healthy skin cells that keep you looking young longer.
  • Increase sleep. This is when your skin and body repair themselves—having trouble sleeping? Try experimenting with high doses of magnesium. There are other great supplements on the market, but it is best to consult your naturopath to find the best solution. 

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