Natural Ways to get out of a rut

Everyone we've talked to has been experiencing some challenging times. Whether it's the solar flares, solar eclipse, or Mercury retrograde to blame, what's certain is that it has been intense.

Many of us started the year with a burst of energy, only to be met with exhaustion, setbacks, and anxieties. But remember, wherever you are in life, it's okay. Permit yourself just to BE. The more you strive to meet certain expectations or compare yourself with others, the harder it becomes to overcome your struggles. So, take a step back, breathe, and take this opportunity to focus on your well-being.

As for myself, Maria, I've been navigating a healing process that has prompted me to reassess my energy levels. Instead of viewing this slowdown negatively, I've used this time to focus on honoring where I am now. Here are some of my tried-and-true methods for lifting myself out of a funk.

CLEAN YOUR PERSONAL SPACE: I know, I know, when you are tired and in a funk, cleaning your house is the last thing that you would like to think about. But it does put you in a clearer mindset. I now find that when my space is messy, it brings my mood down.

SIT IN THE SUN: The sun is an amazing source of life-force energy. Too little sun causes us to become deficient in vitamin D. Sunlight exposure synthesizes serotonin and dopamine, AKA, the happy hormones. When you're not getting enough sun, it will be harder for your body to produce these essential chemicals. The key to healthy time in the sun is being prepared with sun protectors if spending time during the peak hours.

BREATH WORK: I am a huge believer in the power of breath. When we are anxious, we tend to hold and restrict our breathing. When we do that, circulation in our bodies becomes stagnant. Stagnant blood flow means that blood is not circulating efficiently through the body, which can result in toxins, waste products, and cellular debris buildup. Stagnant blood flow can lead to muscle fatigue, cramping, and pain due to inadequate oxygen and nutrient supply to muscle tissues.

I was recently invited to a cool new breath work studio. I was so exhausted that day that I could only think of canceling the class and napping. I was able to drag my booty to class, and by the end of it, I was on fire! It felt like the lights inside finally turned on.

CALL SOMEONE THAT YOU LOVE: If you are one of the rare lucky ones, you have someone who checks off all the boxes and supports you unconditionally. If not, then that is also O.K! We all have different friends for different occasions. Some friends are great entertainers who make us laugh; others are adventurers who can get us off our butts doing fun things. While others are great at giving advice. We all have our skills. Just remember to reciprocate the love and respect back.

EAT NOURISHING FOODS: Listen to your body, especially when feeling off-centered. Although grabbing processed junk foods is an easy fix, in the long run, it doesn’t help to support your body when going through a tough time. When you understand the reasoning for why you are craving certain foods, you can take a step back and see things in the bigger picture. For example, your body craves salt when your stress levels are raised for a prolonged time. Stress depletes our adrenal gland’s ability to produce aldosterone, a hormone that retains sodium. Without proper sodium levels, your body cannot absorb water and becomes dehydrated. Instead of reaching for a plate of fries, you can easily make oven-roasted potatoes or hearty nourishing soups.

For those who crave sweets, it could mean many things, such as a lack of energy, magnesium deficiency, blood sugar imbalance, or sadness. Sugar is digested quicker than complex carbs, which gives us an immediate boost in energy. Chocolate is metabolized into serotonin, which provides us with a feeling of happiness. The issue with sugar is that you get this incredible burst of energy, and then it comes crashing down, which leads you to grab another sugary snack. You get stuck in this never-ending addictive cycle.

So, instead, grab a piece of fresh fruit, have some sugar-free dark chocolate, or make yourself a smoothie.

BUY SOME FLOWERS: It has been proven that having flowers in your environment can reduce stress and anxiety. Just the beauty and the scent will do wonders in lifting your mood.

STRETCH OR DO YOGA: The key to life is optimal circulation. When we feel emotionally "stuck," it also reflects in our physical tightness. A deep stretch, hot yoga or even a deep tissue massage will do wonders for your emotional well-being.

ALLOW YOURSELF TIME TO REST: The most important thing is to surrender in the moment. Society has programmed us to always be on the go. It is OK to say “No” to social obligations and take care of yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to practice setting healthy boundaries. Some examples could be setting a time frame where you won’t answer calls or having a day where you completely unplug from society and just BE. Sleep in early, wake up late!! Who cares! It is time that we are unapologetic about who we are.

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