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My Pre-Bedtime Ritual

Posted by Maria Suzanna on

The two beauty products that are always on our bedside table is Mahina  Beaute's Hand + Foot Balm and The Ormus Lip Balm. Having the hand + foot balm nearby is a great reminder to treat my feet with some TLC before retiring to bed.

The feet are perhaps, one of the most abused and neglected parts of the body. They are our loyal travel companion, day after day, taking us from point A to point B without any complaints. They too deserve a little beautifying massage to help circulate blood flow and also help to increase happy endorphins for a good night's rest.

I, Maria, use to suffer from painful cracked heels. Because of that, Suzanna and I both wanted to create a healing balm that would soothe, protect and nourish the feet. We wanted it to be deeply moisturizing without it being sticky. Ingredients like luscious cocoa butter, mineralizing Ormus oil, tissue rejuvenating tamanu, and helichrysum oils provide superior restoring properties, healing even the roughest, driest, most cracked feet, and heels.

My hands and feet never looked so good!

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