How To Celebrate Autumn Equinox

 Equinox comes from the Latin word for "equal night". It is when the sun passes the equator, moving from the northern to the southern hemisphere (Autumn) southern to the northern hemisphere (Spring) 

Spiritually, it is a great time to find the balance within, to acknowledge our light and our dark qualities, and come to peace with it. 

The autumn equinox is a powerful transition time for honest reflection on one's life. Have you lived a life of purpose? Fulfillment? If not, then it is time to plant new seeds and release anything that is outdated and does not serve you. 
  • What are the negative self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back? And where did that come from?
  • What are your triggers? 
  • What projects have you stalled on? And why?
  • What lights you up?
  • What are your 6months/ 1yr goals? Take it into daily actionable steps!
Journaling and meditation can help by uncovering your hidden self. We are big advocates in self-work. What has helped us a lot in uncovering blockages has been the workshop, To Be Magnetic. There are a lot of free workshops that Lacy Philips offers, especially during these uncertain times.  

Since the energy is rapidly shifting with the changing seasons, it is an ideal time to do some breathwork, particularly "Breath of Fire". It helps to balances and strengthens the nervous system, detoxifies the body, and increases our immune system. Breath of Fire is not recommended to do if you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle. If you are unsure how to do this breathing technique, check out this youtube video from Spirit Voyage.

Having a strong meditation practice is essential in making it through the upcoming holiday season intact and joyful. Be grateful for how far you've come and most importantly be excited about where you are going. 

We only have a few more months of 2020. Let's make it count. We are certain that 2021 will be a far better year for all of us! 


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