Here's Why Seabuckthorn Oil Is One of the Most Beloved Skincare Oils

seabuckthorn oil
At Mahina Beaute, we take skincare very seriously because it is our passion! So, once we learned how multifaceted and incredibly skin-loving sea buckthorn oil is, we knew we had to incorporate it into our line of products.

What is Seabuckthorn Oil?

If you haven't already heard, sea buckthorn oil has become one of the most loved oils in skincare over the past few years. However, while so many oils on the market are touted as having the "it" factor, few truly do when compared to sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn oil has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine to help with ailments such as diabetes, ulcers, and skin damage. It derives from the Hippophae Rhamnoides plant, which is found in the Himalayas and contains an incredible array of minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, and vitamins. We love that it is referred to as "The Holy Fruit of the Himalayas." 


Benefits of Seabuckthorn Oil for the skin. 

Nothing makes us happier than finding botanical ingredients that we know will make a real difference in your skin. That's why we absolutely love sea buckthorn oil. Everyone can truly benefit from it, from teenagers dealing with acne flare-ups and irritation to those of us looking to keep our skin healthy and supple as we age.  

Read on to learn more about this precious oil. 

Has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe skin: Due to its numerous healing and nourishing properties, sea buckthorn oil has been shown to replenish the skin, reduce inflammation, protect your skin from the elements, and free radical damage. This oil is also known to stimulate skin regeneration and promote elasticity. 

It helps to reduce scars: As if that weren't enough, sea buckthorn oil has even been reported to aid rapid wound healing and scar reduction. Leave it to Mother Nature to create such an incredible multitasker for your skin!

Helps maintain skin hydration: By using all-natural and vegan skincare products containing sea buckthorn oil, your skin absorbs all of the nutrients and healing properties, leading to plumper, more hydrated, and smoother-looking skin. You'll also notice that fine lines and wrinkles are diminished while skin tone and texture are evened out.  

Offers antioxidant protection: The antioxidants in sea buckthorn face oil also work hard to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions like the summer heat and even frostbite, making it the perfect part of your clean beauty skincare routine summer through winter.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe skin: Seabuckthorn face oil is also great when undergoing irritating skin treatments such as a peel or exfoliation. It will help calm your skin and accelerate the healing process. The omegas in the oil will also rejuvenate your face and treat it with intense hydration keeping flaky, peeling skin at bay. This oil does it all!

Useful in helping treat acne: When we decided to formulate vegan face products with sea buckthorn oil, we considered that everyone has different skin types. We knew that we could use this oil confidently since it is non-comedogenic and won't clog pores even if you have naturally oily skin. It is the perfect complement for acne-prone skin. It absorbs beautifully, leaving your face with a gorgeous glow and not the heavy, oily feel that other products can leave you with.

How to use it.

Sea buckthorn oil can be used alone or in skincare products. To use alone, add a few drops to the palms of your hands. Gently apply it to your face before your sunscreen in the morning, or as the last step of your skincare routine at night. 

The best products with Seabuckthorn Oil

Since this oil is so nourishing and offers a wide range of protection from aging and stressors, we knew it would be the perfect ingredient for our "Turn on the Light" Hyaluronic Face Serum, Devavani Face Oil, and our Replenishing Face Lotion.

This beautifully healing oil for your skin will truly stand the test of time and leave you looking ageless!



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