A Complete Understanding About Ormus From a Vedic Perspective

Maria: Thank you so much, Art, for this interview. Let's get started. So what is Ormus, and what are the unique benefits, including the metaphysical attributes?

Suzanna: You mentioned that you would explain the scientific and esoteric explanation to us for Ormus. So that is the first question, what is Ormus?

Art: When I said scientific, I meant the scientific materialist perspective on the substance called Ormus. The substance called Ormus has had many names. It stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Substance Under Study. That was given to it by David Hudson back in the 1970s when he stumbled across it in his cotton fields in Arizona. He wondered what the heck it was as it exhibited some properties that were not normal. Since then, he labeled it as Ormus. The only information about Ormus was from that point of view. There is so much more to it than what has been out on the web. Everything on the web is from the materialist standpoint, and it is way outside of that box.

Let's put it in a way to make it understandable. In Eygpt, China, India, and anywhere where civilization is advanced enough to have an alchemist, Ormus has been rediscovered repeatedly since it is a naturally occurring alchemical phenomenon.

I like to state that the scientific materialist standpoint labeled it as Ormus thinks it is a physical substance that you ingest and gets distributed throughout the circulatory system and the cellular level. That is not how it works at all. The substance known as Ormus is the material substance that the energy field likes to hang out with. Like the iron bar of a magnet. You have an iron bar that has been conditioned in a certain way, a magnetic field arises surrounding that, and the magnetic field has the properties to attract various metals.

Suzanna: Everything is energy. We are energy. So it is just natural that we attract this energetic medicine.

Art: The way that we view energy needs to be relooked at. The Vedic Model of reality has infinite potential, called parabrahmin or harabasheeba. The unmanifest potential manifests into something which becomes a solid object that we perceive. In the Vedic model, depending on what school you go to, there are either 25 or 36 tattwa. It is translated into "thatness." They go from the subtlest level of that unified state to the initial polarization of Sheeba and Shakti or Yin and Yang, all the way down to the five elements, space, air, fire, water, and earth. Those Pancha bhutas, five elements exist on all the different levels of various degrees of subtlety that combine to form the physical form. The energy manifests into an energetic potential that can manifest as a physicality when it becomes denser and lower in vibrations. It is like an octave of vibrations; like a piano keyboard, the lowest notes are on the left side, and the octaves are up to the highest on the right side. Each octave will reflect that same vibration on a higher or lower level. Ormus is an energy field that crosses all the different octaves. It allows all the various expressions of a thing on all the different levels of expressions and all the different octaves to come back into alignment so that the archetypal patterning inherent in the initial expression can express its full potential. All living organisms can benefit from it; if you have this energy field in your sauerkraut, the probiotics that generate the pickling of the vegetables will be optimized, and your sauerkraut will be optimized. If you put it in your kombucha, the little critters that make the kombucha will be optimized. Therefore, your kombucha will be optimized. Agricultural usage is pretty significant for all growing vegetables and fruit crops.

Suzanna: I remember seeing the pictures of the Ormus walnuts; they were huge.

Art: They were like tennis balls.

Suzanna: So what they did was water the tree with Ormus?

Art: What they did was they took two small walnut trees into 5-gallon containers. They dug the hole to plant them, and they soaked one tree in an Ormus solution, and the other they didn't. Then they applied a certain amount every year to the soil around the tree's base. One had access to the expression of the fullest potential of its archetypal pattern. The Ormus walnut grew big because that is how it was designed to express if it had nothing that was limiting or distorting the expression of its archetypal pattern. Traditionally, in India, with Siddha medicine, this substance has been known as MUPPU; it's been used to potentiate herbal medicine. You put this in your herbal mix, and your medication is 10 to 100 times more potent.

Suzanna: That is incredible. So I guess we could add this to our herbal tea.

Art: Yeah, and this happens when you add it to your skincare products.

Maria: Exactly. All the benefits increase even more so because of Ormus.

Art: It allows the synergy of all the other ingredients to optimize.

Maria: I've noticed an incredible difference when using your Ormus. It is like night and day. Before with the other supplier, I could see that it worked well on my skin, but after using your Ormus at a higher percentage, my skin was bright and vibrant, and my sunspots started to disappear. So there is something to say about your process.

Suzanna: Is there a difference between Ormus suppliers?

Art: The difference is the perspective. From just a scientific materialist perspective, you miss out on many essential criteria. It is a naturally occurring substance. We don't make it; we collect it. Because of the nature of the substance, it will imprint on the person's consciousness during a collection. It would be best if you were unconditioned when you collect it; otherwise, you will contaminate it and limit and distort its potential expression.

Maria: Speaking about collecting Ormus, I know that you guys have some amazing, out-of-the-world experiences while collecting Ormus. Can you share some of the stories with us?

Kasia: Feeling the presence of some of the great Siddha masters while we were collecting it was very powerful.

Maria: Wow! I can imagine.

Art: It is time for it to be reintroduced accurately to humanity. And all of the misunderstandings and distortions of what it is needs to be clarified. For that, society needs to move past the limitations of the scientific materialistic perceptive.

When I was first exposed to Ormus, I intuitively knew it was part of Siddha medicine. My research took me to the Siddha pharmacopeia, where I found that it has been part of that pharmacopeia for thousand of years. I've decided to collect it in alignment with those principles. When you collect it, according to the principles of a thousand-year-old medical system that takes into account the subtler realms, you get a different product than somebody who is just following a recipe out of the physical plane. It will have some effect because of what it is. But it will be nowhere near able to express its full potential because it's been conditioned by the person's perspective and attitude level of consciousness during collection.

Suzanna: Where did you learn how to collect Ormus?

Art: Initially, I ran into a woman who was partners with the alchemist who worked with David Hudson. This is an interesting story as it is outside of the box. But this man, a metal allergist, was contacted to explain this monoatomic substance. However, going back in his life, when he was seven years old, he was fishing off the coast of Washington State. He caught a bunch of fish and put them in a bucket full of saltwater from the ocean. He took it home, gave the fish to his mother to cook, and took the saltwater into his bedroom, where he had a chemistry set for kids. He spontaneously remembered how to create the solution. He precipitated out the substance that the energy liked to hang out with. He then had a past life memory where he used to do this for King Solomon and somewhere else a long time ago. He has been taking this substance since he was seven years old. This woman I ran into was his partner, and she looked at me and said, "You can collect Ormus." She was very clairvoyant. I said, "What the heck is Ormus." She said, "Don't worry, I will show you." She took me over to her place and whipped up a batch. We did a collection right there where I intuitively knew this was a healing phenomenon. I started following the recipe. Then I began to get deeper and deeper into it. I went to India and did a lot of research. I began to contextualize it in a much more complete matter than from just the scientific materialist's limited perspective.

Suzanna: That is amazing. We were going to ask for some fun experiences or inspiring stories of people using ORMUS and healing themselves, their skin, or injuries. Can you share some with us? We have some to share.

Art: I would like to preface this. I was asked to present at an international conference on Ormus about a year after I got into it. All of the presenters presented from a scientific materialist perspective, thinking it is a chemical or an atomic molecular substance. I had a PowerPoint that was the substance currently known as Ormus from the Vedic philosophy. I compared and contrasted Ormus from the scientific materialist and Vedic perspectives. The Vedic model of reality is much more complete because it moves into the realms of reality that scientific materialism doesn't acknowledge is real at all. I've been asked to present at two conferences that way, and I still have that PowerPoint to show if anyone is interested. It will be going down that rabbit hole.

Maria: I think we all are. Especially now, in this day of age, we are going back into spirituality, opening our minds to unlimited possibilities in the quantum field, which I believe is why Ormus is starting to be known in the mainstream wellness field. We all need to heal some parts of our etheric body, especially with this new yuga cycle that we are in, it is the perfect timing that we met you, Art, and your passion is to reintroduce Ormus to the world.

Suzanna: It is your dharma.

Art: Introduce Siddha medicine in general to the world. First of all, I would like to change the name because even the name Ormus, an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Substance, sticks it firmly in the scientific materialist context. In the pharmacopeia of Siddha medicine, it is called MUUPU., which is a strange-sounding word, but at least it doesn't stick it in the atomic materialistic context. Another label needs to come up that doesn't limit it, like Ormus, to give it a more expansive label that will allow people to perceive it with an unlimited filter rather than a filter that limits it just to the material substance.

Maria: I think that is smart because when you explain what Ormus is, people don't get it because of that label Ormus. They get it, but they don't get the complete picture.

Suzanna: No, they only understand that it is some mineral. And that is the explanation that is sufficient enough.

Art: Yeah, and that is mistaken. There is a mineral substance that the energetic field likes to hang out in. But it is not limited to that.

Suzanna: Do you have any beneficial healing stories to share with us?

Art: Well, one student of mine had two heart transplants, and his whole immune system was compromised. Because he has to take immunosuppressants to make sure that his physiology doesn't reject the tissue of the heart, he just turned 60 years old; he had his first heart transplant about 14 years, which is long for a transplant. When he got his second transplant, I was part of his home support team and ensured he got proper nutrition. He had a very profound skin condition on his leg. It was extremely dry, and a lot of peeling of the skin, so I gave him a solution of Ormus and castor oil that he had been applying. He was also on a highly healing ayurvedic diet. His doctors couldn't believe how strong his heart was. He just had an electrocardiogram, and the rate at which his heart was pumping was very healthy. The number of blood pumps per cycle was better than average.

Another person that I worked with was scalded at a restaurant. They went to a dermatologist, and they said that it was a second-degree burn, they would need to do skin grafts, and there would be some scarring. They took pictures and whatnot. Then Covid broke out, and she couldn't go back to the doctor. So I gave her some of the Ormus ointment, and it entirely healed by itself. No scaring, no skin grafts. She then went back to the dermatologist and said, "Here, see for yourself. You told me that I needed all of this. But this is what I did instead, and this is the result."

Suzanna: It has beautiful benefits for the skin for sure. I also have a story; I used to get these calcium deposits, these spots on my skin. I would have to go to the dermatologist, where they would extract it with a needle. Fun stuff. I am not even talking about the time I have to invest in going to the dermatologist just for this one little thing. It's like half a day. So I decided to use your Ormus in our Mahina Beaute facial oil, and I started to apply it to my face, especially those calcium deposit areas. Twice a day, in less than a week, it came off. There was no scarring. The skin was just beautiful. So from now on, this is what I am going to do.

Maria: I had a similar story. I had a wart on my hand that I thought, "Oh, Shoots, I have to get it burnt off from the dermatologist. I wasn't even thinking about it. I put the Ormus in our face oil. Put some on my face and hands. And a few weeks later, I was like, "Where is the wart?"

Suzanna: Yes, I know! I even asked her, "What happened to that thing on your hand?"

Maria: It was getting bigger and was beginning not to look not so great. But one day, it was gone. It was incredible. And Kaisa has a great story about Ormus and the ointment.

Kaisa: I do! Yes. I just met Art, and we were around a big coffee table. I got up too fast, and I banged my shin right on the edge of the coffee table. You could see the dent in the bone. It was so painful. And he said, "Here, try this." So I put some of the Ormus with castor oil and shea butter, and I also skinned my shin. I put it on, and I thought I would have this dent for days, but I didn't. Within 24 hours, it started to fill in. Within three days, you wouldn't even notice that it happened. I was amazed.

Maria: One thing that I like about Ormus is how with Kaisa, you can put it on inflamed skin. So it is gentle while also very effective. It is powerful, which is impressive.

Art: One thing about the time we live in is that it is such an opportunity for science, philosophy, and religion, which are antithetical. That is how they have been construed for so long. But as we go through the cycle of the yugas, moving out of the limited cycle into one where our consciousness will be more expanded. We will reperceive the synergy between science, philosophy, and religion as three ways to appreciate the reality that has given rise to our being and the whole universe.

Suzanna: It is so important to have that synergy. Hopefully, one day everyone will have access to it.

Art: I just moved, and I am up in Marin County. I've been here almost two weeks today. The goal is to find a place, set up production, and take care of the various accounts that want Ormus as an ingredient for their products. There are many different applications, from agriculture and medicine to cosmetics. We are moving closer to finding a place to set up the production facility to collect enough of this to serve these accounts and get this out to the general public. So stay tuned for that!

Maria: Even for us, we are developing new products, so of course, all of our products will be Ormus based. Yes, we are excited to have your factory up and running so that we can get more of your Ormus.

Suzanna: Do you guys have any other things you want to add? Or stories?

Art: When people get to the point of asking important questions like, "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" fundamental questions about an existence where you have to enter the spiritual realm to find the answers to these questions. You need not just theoretical but intellectual understanding with actual experiential cognition to find these answers. The knowledge of this energetic field's true value will be perceived because it will help to facilitate the expansion of consciousness and give the ability to experience the actual answers to their questions of "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" and "How does all this stuff work?" Rather than, for the most part blundering around playing karmic bumper cars.

So when the spiritual value can naturally flow into and support people's existence rather than just being something they do one day a week, maybe because it has always been done that way. When they understand that they are an expression of that infinite potential and that the reason we are here is for that expressed value of the divine transcendent manifest as the divine imminent. That cycle goes back and forth between the pulse of the expansion and contraction, and the universe's whole reality emerges and resolves back into for an incredible amount of time. When we consciously become aware that this is going on, we can wake up from the limited illusion and the consequent pain and suffering that accompany that level of ignorance. Everything has a spiritual basis, and we are opening up to a natural unfoldment of the cycles. The scientific materialist perspective has denied that reality for so long. We are now waking up to "Hey, what a second? This model of reality isn't sufficient. " There is a lot of stuff that we are discovering that doesn't fit in that box. We can't deny that any longer. So let's allow reality to manifest and inform us in ways that will enable our fulfillment to merge.

Suzanna: Beautiful. I do have a question, do you take Ormus every day? How many times and how do you take it?

Art: That is an individual thing. Because when the system is optimized to a certain degree, it doesn't need any more optimization. So, ultimately, there will be a time when you don't need to take it. It is not like this is something that you need to take every day forever.

Kasia: That is if you are taking it on its own. But if you add it to a product, it will continuously optimize the ingredients in that product.

Art: Right. There are two different things here. If you take it for your personal development, that is one application. If you are potentiating a medicine or cosmetic, that is another application. So one is an ongoing thing. Yes, if you are using this, the body goes through its changes and needs these products. To expand your consciousness or optimize the expression of your being called sadhana, that is your spiritual life, and that is a different application. And you don't necessarily need to take it forever in that regard. The system is coherent enough to reflect your true nature in an undiminished fashion. Utilizing it to allow the synergy of different ingredients to optimize and have their full potential is ongoing. You can do energetic testing to determine how much, what, and where. That is how I've realized the optimization of Ormus is between 1-3%. That is all that is needed to bring about optimal synergy. Any more is a waste of time, and any less is not enough to do the job.

Kasia: Ormus can be added to anything. Smoothies, teas to your soup. Anything that is going to enhance and optimize whatever you put it in.

Maria: Recently I saw some Ormus chocolate. Which I thought was interesting.

Art: Yeah, I've had some people approach me about putting Ormus into chocolate. But there again, it depends on the quality of the Ormus and how it was collected.

Suzanna: And the Ormus water you were talking about, I think that is a great idea.

Art: At some point, I would like to put together an Ormus tasting so that people can experience the different products of the other collectors of Ormus and see which one is the one that resonates with them.

Maria: We would love to visit your place one day when you are all set up.

Art: You can take the factory tour.

Suzanna: Absolutely. And since we are adding more products, we will need more Ormus.

Art: We are looking for a defunct vineyard or something up here in wine country to resuscitate with Ormus. There are medicinal wines in ayurvedic and Siddha medicine. We would like to see what the wine would be like produced with grapes optimized with Ormus. Or apple orchards. There is a lot of agriculture that is non-functional because of the depletion of the soil. So we are looking for some of those to resuscitate through Ormus therapy for agriculture.

Maria: That is a great way to give back as well. I feel that Ormus covers the entire system. It is not just physical but also spiritual. It is so well-rounded that I think from now on, there are only going to be more and more people who will be interested and will want it into their system.

Art: The main limitation at this point is people's inability to contextualize it appropriately. Because their model of reality is insufficient, there are a lot of different ancient cultures that have retained some fragmented information. But the only one that has survived with the most intact model of description of reality is the Vedic model. The Vedic Vedas are all the sciences of the Vedic model. Their astronomy was incredible, and so were their agriculture, animal husbandry, and medicine. These aspects of reality that we take for granted in our limitations by the scientific materialist perspective are flushed out from the Vedic perspective. That is my reference point. If people don't understand that, they will look at it from whatever filter they have since most people are recovering materialists. It is like looking at Ayurveda from an allopathic standpoint. Trying to understand Ayurveda from an allopathic perspective just doesn't work. You have to get in and do a little bit of work to understand the principles of Ayurveda and then construct that perspective so that you don't get confused and distorted. Hopefully, people are moving in that direction and moving out of a consumer-oriented society. "If I buy it, it can fix what is broken." You have to participate consciously in life in how it all comes together and works. It all arose from the ocean of pure potential, and all the waves on the ocean are nothing but consciousness. It is just a different state interacting. So the one becomes many, many interact while being one in the first place. To describe the finer details of that dynamics, you need to arrive at our humanity's consciousness so that we can understand nature to a greater degree, align with nature, and therefore enjoy the support of nature consciously.

Maria: That is beautiful! I wholeheartedly agree. Our motto (Mahina Beaute) is In Sync With Nature.

Suzanna: That is on our products as well. Regarding nature, would you recommend Ormus to our four-legged kids? Our dogs?

Art: Oh yes! Most definitely.

Suzanna: So that they too can be enlightened!

Art: Well, it will just optimize the expression of the pattern of that form. To whatever degree that is possible. Because the longer the outer sync has been there, the longer it will take to get in sync. And their timeframe may exceed the lifespan of that form. We are wherever we are, and we need to start from here and see where it goes, but we keep coming back every time.

Kasia: My favorite story with our animal friend, I met a canary taking Ormus regularly. The canary was an elderly bird. The owners noticed it was not doing well when it didn't get Ormus. We would drop off some Ormus, and the bird would perk up again. So it helps with longevity for the canary.

Suzanna + Maria: Aww, I love that. Lucky canary.

Art: Some people use Ormus for their horses and parrots. We are looking at ways of recycling the leftovers of the process. We have a lot of highly saline water leftover from its production. I wanted to evaporate the water, reclaim the salt, and make it into a salt witch for animals. There is a lot of the Ormus energy still in the leftovers.

Maria: Is it ok to drink?

Art: The solution has enough energy after the prescriptive is garnered to add to water to make Ormus water. That is what one of my clients is doing. When you evaporate the H2O out of it and have the salt over here, the water still has a high Ormus energy content or MUUPU energetic content. Then, if you take that and purify it to reverse osmosis and ionized water, it will still have the energetic field you can use for the next batch. It just compounds it. The energy field will become purer and of higher intensity. We are looking at ways to recycle everything so that it will compound to increase in purity and efficiency. Potentially no waste from the process.

Maria: This is great because we don't want any waste. It's too precious.

Suzanna: Well, we can't wait to see you both.

Maria: Thank you so much for explaining everything about MUUPU.

Art: If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

Maria + Suzanna: Thank you so much, guys! Bye. Have a beautiful day!!


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