6 Essential Tips for Keeping your Skin Hydrated in Winter

We LOVE the winter season! Although this year we are all about staying in and being safe, it is still such a joyous and magical time of the year. From cozying up near the fireplace, keeping warm with hot cocoa while in our fluffiest pajamas, and enjoying the decorative lights. But when it comes to our beauty, the harsh weather is not ideal for our skin. This is the time when we need to focus on extra TLC to prevent tight, dry, flaky, and itchy skin. How do we do that? Well, it is not that hard at all! Just follow our outlined steps below to maintain that gorgeous supple skin from head to toes.


1.    Use Natural Skincare Products 

Conventional skincare tends to use a lot of synthetic chemicals in their products because it is cheaper and easier to formulate with. By switching to a more natural skincare/ body care, you instead will get ingredients that are better for your skin. Examples are rich nut butters such as shea, cocoa, and cupuacu. 

Or oils that resemble the body's natural sebum, like jojoba, tamanu, or even rosehip oil. 

These will increase your skin's ability to maintain and replenish its moisture levels. 


2.    Layer, Layer, Layer

As the season changes, it is imperative to also change our winter skincare routine. The key is in layering your products. First, switch to a moisturizing toner. Then add a super hydrating serum - we love hyaluronic acid face serums for this reason. Then a daytime cream to create a barrier and prevent skin dehydration. At night, it is a great time to pack on the moisture by layering your nighttime cream over your face oil. 


 3.    Don’t Excessively Exfoliate your Skin 

Exfoliation is a necessary step, especially during the winter as it will help the absorption you get from the products that you apply. But as a culture, we tend to overdo things. Exfoliating more than a few times a week is a huge NO! If you exfoliate too often, your skin will become more dry and irritated. The key is to switch to a gentle exfoliator and use it only once a week. This is the season to pamper your skin with gentle and nourishing products.


4.    Drink At Least 8-10 cups of Water Daily

Staying hydrated is just as important during the winter months. Central heating causes dry indoor conditions, which can lead to increased water loss just by breathing. Making sure you are hydrated is the single most important thing that you can do for your body and skin! 


At Mahina Beaute, we always carry our 32oz hydro flask wherever we go. It is a great reminder to drink water and it keeps us cozy with our hot herbal teas. Also, remember that hearty soups do count towards your daily water consumption!


5.    Buy a Humidifier

Because we can't survive without our indoor heating, having a humidifier in every room has been a game-changer. Getting a humidifier will add moisture levels back into the air that can irritate our skin, hair, and even our throats. 


6.    Avoid Long Hot Showers

Everyone loves long hot showers. But taking hot showers can have a bad aftereffect as it damages the keratin cells on the skin. This damage is what prevents the skin from retaining moisture. So let's aim for a 5-10 minutes shower instead. After shower/bath care is essential in repairing those all-important keratin cells. Using a deeply nourishing body oil after your shower will help to keep those cells healthy and intact. 

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