Love+Positive Energy+Magic=Mahina Beaute


Our fascination and obsession with the skin (the largest organ in the body), along with researching and testing thousands of beauty products, compelled us to go back to school and study formulation. This led us to realize our true passion and create our own skincare line.

Another important motivation for starting our company was to find an avenue to give back to the community. 10% of our net proceeds will be donated annually to needy causes (click here to see who we support): 


We’re focused on creating products that use ethically harvested ingredients like:

High vibrational essential oils: Ormus and Navapashanam. 

Our products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals. We do not agree with causing harm or suffering for the sake of beauty. 


We believe the ingredients we use are magical. 


Our Ormus is collected during the full moon, with the intention of harnessing the moon's positive energy. What you get is a product high in vibrational frequency.

“Ormus”, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, was used in ancient Egypt by alchemists who worked in secret to produce the “Elixir of Life.”


Navapashanam water, which we use in several of our products, is the most sought-after “secret” of the Siddhas. It has become legendary since Ponce de Leon began searching for it. 

Navapashanam is considered to be the original “Fountain of Youth." It is made from herbs and minerals concentrated into a stone-like material and infused with unconditional love. The beauty of Navapashanam is that it awakens and assists your own body's potential for self-healing.